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  • "A mother is as soft as a flower’s petals and so strong as a mountain."

"A mother is as soft as a flower’s petals and so strong as a mountain."

Mother's Love

β€œMama, you sacrificed so I could rise. I want you to know I see that.” 😘 😘

🌿 Self Watering Pots for indoor plants

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🌿 Time2leafs Products

🌿 New Easy to use the Eco-Friendly Growing Bag for Vegetables (3 pcs)

Limited underground for your edible vegetables due to surrounding urban?

Don't let the inconvenience prevent you from growing your own healthy vegetables.

With these New Easy to use, environmentally-friendly growing bag, you can grow your very own vegetables at your doorsteps.

You will be amazed at how these bags work.

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🌿 New Hanging Self Watering Pot

Having not enough space on the floor for your beloved Plants/Flowers?

Why not try our Brand New Hanging Self Watering Pot.

As it mentions, its self-watering systems meaning you required less attention to it and at the same time grow your beloved plants.

Let's enhance your gardening space

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Brand New Time2leafs Grafting Pruner

Want to have handy tools for your pruning and grafting at the same time?

You have come to the right place!

With our high-quality material: High strength ABS plastic handle, this will enhance your gardening experiences and making it more efficient.

Having a rusty blade can be difficult to graft and make your experience unpleasant.

These grafting tools come with a 65mn high carbon steel sharp cutting blade and spring,

Furthermore, all these are housed in the portable casing. making it more organize.

We know how you feel as we want our gardening experiences to be carefree and fun instead of constant worrying

At time2leafs, we provide the best grafting tools for you to solve the problem. It comes with 6 X Blades,1 X Screwdriver, 1 X Wrench.

Having these tools with you will help you solve lots of problems

Shop now and you will be amazed by these grafting tools.

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🌿 Eco-Friendly Terrarium Hydroponic Plant Vases

Want to display your favorite flower on your work desk (without wetting).

As a gardener, our passion is to see our plants/flowers grow tall and beautiful. We know how you feel... Space constraints make it harder to display it on the desk.

With our Eco-Friendly Vase (about 10cm in length and 19cm in height), you can be reassured to have your plants/flowers sit beautifully on your desk to display.

As this is easy to maintain a vase, you can focus on your things and at the same time display your best plants or flowers.

Want to showcase your flowers? You wouldn't be disappointed. It's time to enhance your gardening experience.

One of the ways to release stress its have plants surrounding. the more you see it, the more you will feel relax. So, let us help you enhance your boring table to a decorative table.

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πŸ₯” Healthier vegetables from your own?

πŸ₯” Time to let this growing bag helps you.

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